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The community yoga studio providing classes for everyone

Station Road, Lahinch, Co.Clare

Ireland      Ph: 086 894 0254

Strength / Flexibility / Inner Peace

Hi my name is Helen Rich. I was born Helen O'Sullivan in Lahinch, Co.Clare. After finishing school in Lahinch & Ennistymon I then went to work in London. I took up yoga classes in 1996 the effect was electric: optimism and energy. I went on various yoga retreats and yoga workshops all over the world, experiencing many styles of yoga. Yoga has been a sustaining and integral part of my life ever since. Newly energised but still naive, I went on to study yoga further in 2000, I did my 3 year 500 hour teaching diploma with British Wheel Of Yoga who are recognised and respected worldwide, where safety of students is first and foremost.

 I married my husband James in 2006 and became Helen Rich. In June 2007 my daughter Milly was born, in October 2008 my daughter Siabh entered the world and in March 2010 I was blessed with another girl Ellsie.

 During my time in England, I spent a lot of time travelling abroad, I ventured high and low, I climbed Mount Kilimanjaro for Dreamflight (a charity which gives kids with terminal illness the trip of a life time). I travelled down to New Zealand and lived in my station wagon admiring the beautiful country as I went, I have been very lucky to see so many beautiful countries. One of the places, which inspired me to yoga, was South India. Still living in the hustle and bustle of London I found myself drawn back to Kerala -India to do more yoga. 

 Before doing yoga I found myself with constant lower back pain, which doctors could not cure. The only thing that worked for me was yoga, so I started to attend regular classes whilst in London. My love for yoga grew. I wanted to get more knowledge of yoga, I began to go on retreats in various countries around the world, I got interested in the different styles of yoga. I do not believe in the supremacy of one style of Yoga over another: different styles suit different people, temperaments, body-types and conditions. The practice of Yoga - Hatha Yoga, Karma Yoga, Raja Yoga or Bhakti Yoga - means nothing if it does not develop the basic qualities of consideration, compassion, self-knowledge and a recognition that there is a higher force than we can contradict at work within the play of this world.   

I decided to do my teaching diploma with British Wheel Of Yoga as they are recognised world wide and a major part of teaching with BWOY is safety for your students. After completing my 3-year diploma in Yoga, with Monica Burton - British Wheel of Yoga , I began teaching in the U.K. The demand for my classes was quiet high. I found a large mix of people wanting different things, some students wanted to be more challenged in Asana's (posture work) while some students wanted more meditation, I also had older students which preferred a slower pace. I decided to cater for individuals needs and go onto study further i.e.B.W.O.Y Yoga for the 3 Age module(Monica Burton) and B.W.O.Y. Pregnancy Yoga module, I did this with Wendy Teasdill and also went to workshops by Uma Dinsmore-Tuli. A few years later I went of to do Yoga For Kids Diploma,in Dublin with Rainbow Yoga For Kids, and Mother and Baby module. I have been very lucky to have attended workshops with John Stirk, Peter Blackably, Gary Carter and Dr. Ruth Gilmore. In 2011 completed Yoga & Anatomy with Paul Fox and Dr.Ruth Gilmore. In 2012 I completed my training for Yoga For Healthy Lower Back. In 2013 it seemed like natural progression to go on and do the Tutor Training for Foundation Courses, so I can now offer serious students BWOY Foundation Course which is compulsory if you wish to go on and become a BWOY Teacher. I can now specialise in the various fields to suit all my clients as I continue to grow.

BWYT - 500hrs

Essential Anatomy & Physiology For Yoga -60hrs

BWY for pregnancy - 60hrs

Yoga For 3rd Age - 60hrs

Yoga For Kids - 30hrs

BWYT Foundation Course Tutor Training - 60hrs

60 Continues Development Points each year.

Number of hours on workshops = countless I am always learning!

                          All the places I have been there is no where like home, the lovely Cliffs Of Moher just a few miles away, the Burren right on our doorstep. I returned home to Lahinch, Co.Clare, by the sea after baby Siabh was born and starting teaching privately and in various gyms around the county. I then set up my own yoga studio Lahinch Yoga Studio, the first and only yoga studio in Lahinch, I teach classes daily catering for visitors and locals alike. 

 As with all lives, there are many other stories hidden behind this superficial account. It has not been easy, but somehow the practice of Yoga has always dematerialised the concepts of ‘easy’ and ‘difficult’. It’s the only thing that makes sense.


for regular updates on classes

Helen Rich

BWOY Qualified Yoga Teacher

email: [email protected]

Ph: 086 894 0254

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