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The community yoga studio providing classes for everyone

Station Road, Lahinch, Co.Clare

Ireland      Ph: 086 894 0254

Strength / Flexibility / Inner Peace

Prenatal Yoga

Yoga is increasingly recommended to pregnant women because it is a gentle way of maintaining or gaining fitness while reducing anxiety with breathing and relaxation techniques. Helen uses yoga practices that are safest and most suitable for pregnant women. Yoga breathing techniques have been selected and adapted to expand women’s breathing capacity in gentle and effective ways that carry through to labour and the postnatal period to promote physical and emotional wellbeing.

I believe in addressing the needs of each woman and baby in supportive small classes.

Benefits of Prenatel Yoga include;

* More Energy

* Increased Strength, confidence and stamina

* Improved posture, stability and balance

* Better breathing

* Improved Sleep

* Relief from physical, mental and emotional tension.

* Bond with baby (babies)

Helen Full Term 40weeks doing Gate pose and Chest Opening to create space in the body.

Every pregnancy is different and every birth unique.


Offering continuity from pregnancy to the postnatal year has been greatly appreciated from new mums. Original sets of yoga practices, many of which are now mainstream, are uniquely suited to help you regain your core-strength, your figure and overall fitness after birth by restoring tone to the deep muscles of the pelvis and lower back. ‘Steps to postnatal recovery’ can be started at any time after birth. They are easy and can be done in bed or on a carpet in a few minutes daily. Each step ‘closes’ the body and re-knits abdominal muscles using yoga breathing, with the additional effect of inducing deeper sleep and reducing postnatal fatigue. Babies are included in postnatal yoga classes: interactive mother and baby yoga moves promote ‘active bonding’ in age appropriate ways through the first weeks and months. More dynamic yoga poses and moves are also offered to make a safe transition to general yoga or other forms of exercise with long term benefits for women’s health.


Treasa Nov 20132 " I completed both the pregnancy and baby yoga and enjoyed both immensely. Having put on a huge amount of weight and having had a difficult pregnancy towards the end the pregnancy yoga allowed me some form of gentle exercise which always had me feeling better. Every week Helen asked us how we were and based on the answers she included exercises in the lesson. I had problems with lower back and Helen always tried to help me. This was a huge benefit to me throughout my pregnancy. I loved mother and baby yoga as did my baby. It was his first opportunity to meet his peers. He was far more relaxed doing tummy time as he had his peers to focus on while doing it and he forgot he was doing it whereas at home it was a struggle for him at the start. Poses were great for new mums and I would continue it for longer only I have to go back to work. I will be joining Helen when life settles down for some Hatha yoga. We are lucky to have such a good yoga teacher locally."


Yoga is a fun way for children to develop important skills in a supportive, non-competitive environment. In yoga for kids classes, there is a balance

between spontaneity and structure, so that kids learn to listen to each other as well as express themselves creatively.

Benefits of kids yoga ;

  • Improves strength and flexibility
  • Increases self confidence and builds positive self image
  • increases emotional strength
  • nourishes creativity
  • increases sensory awareness and body awareness
  • helps build concentration

If every 8 year old in the world is taught meditation,

we will eliminate violence from the world within one generation.”

-Dalai Lama

Perfect situation for a break for those doing the Wild Atlantic Way