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The community yoga studio providing classes for everyone

Station Road, Lahinch, Co.Clare

Ireland      Ph: 086 894 0254

Strength / Flexibility / Inner Peace



Comments From Students

Hi Helen I want to share feed back from the course I did for Healthy lower back. I had suffered with lower back pain and leg pain for more than 4 years and spent a pretty penny on physic's and osteopaths, until I was advised to try Yoga. I went to your course Yoga For Healthy Lower back and have never looked back I can now take walks every day which before doing the class was not possible, I know what to do if I feel and ache of pain coming on, I can't recommend this class highly enough it has transformed and improved my quality of life in a short space of time which to me is priceless. Thank you so much

Sheila Jan 2014.

Hi Helen

Just wanted to say thanks a million for an absolutly fab class yesterday. I really enjoyed it and looking forward to a whole summer of your classes.

Caitriona                 May 2013

Treasa Nov 2013

" I completed both the pregnancy and baby yoga and enjoyed both immensely. Having put on a huge amount of weight and having had a difficult pregnancy towards the end the pregnancy yoga allowed me some form of gentle exercise which always had me feeling better. Every week Helen asked us how we were and based on the answers she included exercises in the lesson. I had problems with lower back and Helen always tried to help me. This was a huge benefit to me throughout my pregnancy. I loved mother and baby yoga as did my baby. It was his first opportunity to meet his peers. He was far more relaxed doing tummy time as he had his peers to focus on while doing it and he forgot he was doing it whereas at home it was a struggle for him at the start. Poses were great for new mums and I would continue it for longer only I have to go back to work. I will be joining Helen when life settles down for some Hatha yoga. We are lucky to have such a good yoga teacher locally."

Dear Helen

Fun workshop today! Please give our warmest regards to Wendy! She was so

LOVELY, insightful, inspiring, warm, and delightful! We all loved it! I

personally left with a better understanding of each of the chakras and the

asana focus for each.

Last 2 days in area coming up so don't know what our schedule will look like

here at our family reunion Plan to visit the famous Cliffs of Moher. If we can drop by we will for sure...if

not...till the next time then...???

You have a lovely studio and are truly blessed!!!


Vikki Clifford

California                                    August 2012

 Dear Helen, I have to say I really enjoyed yoga classes. The yoga for pregnancy was a great class, the idea of taking an hour off to enjoy some gentle excercise was great. I found it really destressed me and left me with a sense of well being every time. It gives you an opportunity to forget the outside world and concentrate on yourself and your unborn baby for a little while without any outside influences, you get a great sense of connection with the baby. The excercises really do help strengthen you for childbirth and the breathing techniques are absolutly invaluable, they made stage one of labour so much easier and helped relax me all throughout the labour.

The natural progrssion to mother & baby yoga is lovely. Its a chance to gently ease yourself back into excercise after child birth, get to know other moms and gives you a excuse to get out and about....and all the babies love Helen!Hope to see you again soon and hope all your beautiful girls are well!

     Michelle                                   March 2012

"Dear Helen I want to thank you again for hosting a wonderful workshop in your lovely studio. Its a great achievement or should I say vision to manifest such a great space in such an out of this world location. I loved your group, I travelled back to Kerry with a warm glow from yourself and the group plus your kiddies, Dad and lovely husband. May we meet again and you all be well"


"I really look forward to my yoga class at Lahinch Yoga studio, classes for the special "me time" each week and I always feel so good afterwards. I hate to miss a class. Helen is very attentive and gives every class 110%, keep up the good work.


 "I truly feel that this yoga class is superbly run. Helen has a new yoga studio with parking facilities, all yoga mats etc are supplied. I have been attending Helen's classes for 4 years and find the style of yoga perfect for me. Each student is personally supervised and there is time before or after class for questions or discussions about the class. Helen is an excellent teacher"


I love the way you allow each individual to express THEMSELVES .

I have recommended your classes to friends and they have all been delighted ( this is except for the one who has not followed through and got in contact with you).

The location is lovely.

There is a great level of respect for the individual in your classes - this is what makes them so special to everyone.

Michelle - a "drop in" as often as I can

"As always I feel very light and free after your sessions. I love that you are so aware of all your students different needs and gently adjust our postures seeming to know exactly how to get us to push ourselves that little bit harder. Also it makes such a difference to be correctly aligned in the postures that tiny adjustment makes all the difference and again the touch while never invasive is really therapeutic. You are totally in tune with every single participant in the class knowing individually our difficulties/limitations and on hand to show us our potential for movement, strength and flexibility. I find it a positive and uplifting experience. I was saying the last day I always leave your class feeling very at peace and with a tingly sensation particularly around the heart and chest area which I understand to be the opening of various shakra's - to sum up your class is as energetic as the person doing it - suitable for all levels - no one ever feels out of place there. Its a relaxed and totally comfortable atmosphere, warm and welcoming whether you are there every week or like me a passer by in the Summer - I look forward to joining you each year."


"what I love about Helens class is she is so attentive, she corrects my posititon even if it is a finger out in a very natural and positive way"

    Farah Kureshi –

“Helen is excellent she listens to your needs and is very attentive, always adjusting you , so you are in the correct positions.

"I feel very comfortable at Helens class and I know I can ask any questions I want without feeling awkward"

John Peters - Student with Helen for 4 months

“I gained more than I expected thanks to Helens Hatha Yoga – I have never attended any gym or other classes for more than a year so this is a great success for me to be still attending and enjoying Helens classes for over 2years.”

Shamsah Meichant – student of Helens for 4months

“I found Helens yoga sessions have given me mental and emotional balance.”

Taking "Yoga for healthy lower backs" introduced me to a whole new way of thinking and dealing with my back problems.

The main things I've learned are;

Awareness, throughout the course I've become more and more aware of my posture and emotions. I feel stronger in my back more fluent in my movement and emotionally in tune with my body.

Relief, whenever I feel pain return, I can do my pain relief poses to relieve it. No more painkillers.

Mindfulness, I've learnt how our emotions can cause tension and stress and how to let it go and relax.

Peace of mind, I used to worry about how my back is going to hold up during certain occations or tasks. Now my back no longer dominates my life and what I can and cannot do.

The classes were very enjoyable as Helen teaches in a friendly relaxed environment, Her gentle encouragement and praise inspires you to pratice your Yoga outside the class and in everday life. I highly recommend this course for anyone who has any kind of back problems.

Siobhan Hehir student from Healthy Lower Back Course 2013

Helen Rich

email; [email protected]