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The community yoga studio providing classes for everyone

Station Road, Lahinch, Co.Clare

Ireland      Ph: 086 894 0254

Strength / Flexibility / Inner Peace



Chronic low backache is a common problem and yoga can provide a cost - effective solution. Now there is a research - proven way to improve back health and function - the "Yoga for Healthy Lower Backs" programme gently and progressively gets people back to being more active. This evidence-based, fully-resourced and regulated yoga programme is now available in many areas of the UK and Ireland.

The University of York (York Trials Unit, Department of Health Sciences) ran the largest randomised controlled trial on yoga to date, with its 313 participants. The RCT was funded by the charity, Arthritis Research UK. Teachers from Iyengar Yoga Association (UK ) and British Wheel of Yoga designed and ran specialist group classes in 5 UK locations. The Yoga for Healthy Lower Backs programme was proved to be 30% better than usual care. Results for the yoga programme were better than manipulation by physiotherapists / chiropractors / osteopaths, exercise taught by physiotherapists, manipulation plus exercise, cognitive behavioural therapy, an educative book, and six individual Alexander Technique Lessons.

The Yoga for Healthy lower Backs programme works in the short and the long term. Participants are encouraged to bring postural improvements and mental focus into their daily lives and are motivated to practise at home. In the trial, improvements were still found a year after starting yoga, and 60% of the trials yoga group were still practising approx 30mins twice a week at home 9months after their 12 week course.

I was lucky to be involved in the inital part of this trial back in November 2010, in the UK. I completed part two of my training after the results of the trial, I did this in Dublin in June 2012.

The next 12 week YFHLB course will be November 2019

You must contact me in advance to pre-register,if you are interested. As this course is 12 weeks I only run 2 courses a year. 


'Hi Helen Im writing to you from Cambodia and I've been thinking of you every day of my trip so far for the healthy state of my back! Despite 20 hour flight & bike/boat/car and a lot of walking and standing all is good. Ive a little morning yoga programme going from what you showed me, very best wishes look forward to yoga next term."

Judy O'Sullivan Sept 2014 Course

"After 12 classes of yoga strength lower back Im very pleased. I found the classes to be of great benefit. Im over 40 and was a little hesitant but glad I went. I do exercising each day now twice if I can. The days I don't I am slower and very stiff. Yes some says its not possible. I believe to have opened and used muscles which were asleep for many years. I have been to physio and a specialist before but to no success. Basically I feel better and my main aim was to be able to pick up my kids well at least get to there level to play with them.

Happy Days

Thanks for everything Helen.

David Mc Manus Sept 2014 Course

"I had suffered with lower back pain and leg pain for more than 4years. I had spent a pretty penny on physic's and osteopaths, until I was advised to try yoga. I went to Helen's class and I honestly haven't looked back since. I now have my mobility back. I can take walks everyday now, which before doing the class was not possible. I don't spend the first 10/15minutes of each morning working out the creeks and creaks in my back. I know what to do if I feel an ache or pain coming on. I really can't recommend this class highly enough. It has transformed and improved my quality of life in a short space of time which, to me, is priceless.

Sheila student from Sep 2013 course;

"I found the yoga course for Healthy Lower Back very rewarding and beneficial. Helen demonstated the poses in a easy and relaxed manner - it was very easy to follow the course. Also due to the smaller class, I felt I had a clearer understanding of each pose and the repetition each week helped me gain more confidence with the poses. I thoroughly enjoyed the relaxation cd and fully understand the importance of relaxing and releasing. I feel my back has improved and strengthened a lot over the 12 weeks. I no longer feel huge pain or discomfort rising from the bed each morning, standing in a queue or lifting shopping bags. this course has made me understand how important good posture is and how important the correct stretches are for my lower back. Over all I feel I have gained a huge awareness for the poses which suit my individual needs for my own back. I have gained more confidence in correcting my pain, rather than just accepting it or reaching for medication. I now feel I have the tools needed to reverse or remove this pain and I well endeavour to keep up the home practice as I feel this is crucial for my recovery."

Student from Helens 1st Yoga For Healthy Backs Course in 2012/2013.

Taking "Yoga for healthy lower backs" introduced me to a whole new way of thinking and dealing with my back problems.

The main things I've learned are;

Awareness, throughout the course I've become more and more aware of my posture and emotions. I feel stronger in my back more fluent in my movement and emotionally in tune with my body.

Relief, whenever I feel pain return, I can do my pain relief poses to relieve it. No more painkillers.

Mindfulness, I've learnt how our emotions can cause tension and stress and how to let it go and relax.

Peace of mind, I used to worry about how my back is going to hold up during certain occations or tasks. Now my back no longer dominates my life and what I can and cannot do.

The classes were very enjoyable as Helen teaches in a friendly relaxed environment, Her gentle encouragement and praise inspires you to pratice your Yoga outside the class and in everday life. I highly recommend this course for anyone who has any kind of back problems.

Siobhan Hehir student from Healthy Lower Back Course 2013

"I have suffered with lower back ache for 35years. I have seen and worked with a chiropracter on many occasions. Usually attending when in crisis stage of back ache. Helen was recommended to me by one of her regular yoga clients for this special class. I attended the full 12 week course and did do my practice almost every day. The class was most beneficial for me and after a few week of core practice A&B I had no difficulty going to Progressive A&B. The continuous repetition of the core practice led to an automatic memory of the exercises and I liked that. I did have a bad spasm of pain 10 weeks into the course, I did not panic even though I was in a bit of pain. Due to my "healthy lower back classes" I knew what to do "I had the toolbox" as Helen says. I was able to do my practice and get relief quickly, no need to panic at all. I was able to fully attend my yoga class on day 3 after the spasm. The class has thought me to be consistent with my yoga practice. I now know how to take care of my lower back. But most importantly I now know how to give myself reflief through gentle stretching poses and relaxing before a major incident occurs. Thank you Helen for a wonderful class and access to that special tool box"

Treasa Byrt studend from lower back course 2013

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